Greg, Jimmy, John, Pete and I

It began like any other, civilised, night out.
A few beers, a glass or four of Pinot and several shots later, things took a turn.

Gregory started it. He’d just started randomly singing to himself.

That’s when Jimmy picked up the lute and began belting out this awesome riff.
Did you know Jimbob played the lute?

John started strumming a beautiful rosewood classical guitar and Pete and I tapped out percussion on anything with a surface.

It was truly epic, man. It was probably the best song in the world.

But no, we’re not allowed back to the Polo Lounge.




Submitted for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. See if you can write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words.



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19 thoughts on “Greg, Jimmy, John, Pete and I

  1. karin says:

    Brilliant, I can really picture the scene in the rest of the photo!

  2. Haha love it. You always think you’re much more talented/better looking/a better dancer after a few Pinots…

  3. faithsfire says:

    Like it! Gave me a good giggle at the scene I pictured in my mind… actually, reminded me of a couple of nights that I’d probably be better to forget…that is, if I could remember them to begin with…LOL 🙂

  4. The end of this is spot on. Oh, and the beginning and end, too. I enjoyed the voice of the narrator. Thank you.

  5. Jan Brown says:

    Haha! Great story! Here’s my question: Do they actually remember the song? 🙂

  6. Sandra says:

    Some of the best music starts that way. And ends. I’ve heard the Polo Lounge has no class anyway… 😉 Nice one.

  7. Some people just have no appreciation of the finer thing of life. 🙂 Your story has undoubtedly happened more often, at least in some incarnation, than some of us would like to admit…or even remember.


  8. elappleby says:

    Loved it. What a way to be barred from the bar 🙂

  9. Funny story. XD Well it was their final performance but I bet everyone there will remember them. XD Well written. 🙂

  10. Dear Mr. Binks,

    Sounds like the narrator is a legend in his own mind. There has to be a reason they’re no longer allowed in the Polo Lounge. Good one.



  11. Nan Falkner says:

    Hey, let’s TP them – little snots! Your story is wonderful! Thanks, Nan 🙂

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