That Flag

That flag up in my window, the one of red and white It doesn’t mean I’m racist, or looking for a fight. It doesn’t mean I’m ‘chav-scum’ or ‘simple’ and on the scrounge. It doesn’t say I’m full of hate, or I’d kick you when you’re down. That flag displays my passion, support for England’s boys. It shows […]

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Thumbs as fit as fiddles

I long to play some football, my circle isn’t interested in that sort of thing and the extended ring to which I once belonged is now a fading memory; my waistline, in contrast, is an ever expanding reality. My thumbs are as fit as fiddles – if fiddle thumbs were a thing, they’d be challenging […]

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“Spurs v Liverpool?” “Do it.” – “Wait. Versus or co-op?” “Co-op.” “Co-op.” “Wait.” “What now?” “Online or against the computer?” “Good call. Er… Shall we take the good fight online?” “Fuck yeah.” Frank picked up the xbox controller and started flicking through the game’s menu screen. “Beer?” “Sure, dude, help yourself whilst I get us […]

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An open letter to a wall

Dear wall, I’m  sorry for punching you last night but you did bite my leg before the game had even started. It’s been a bad few days and perhaps, you know, I may have over reacted. I’m sorry for screaming that word out loud before I tried to hit, but the foul upon my foot, […]

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