The other man

“I say.” said the man. “I say!” said the other man. “No you didn’t.” exclaimed the man. “I bloody did.” replied the other man. “I sayed first.” said the man. “Well I said.” objected the other man, “And besides, ‘sayed’ isn’t even a word.” The man took a deep breath. The other man did the same. […]

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Descent into madness

Who is Andy S? Is he a soldier, a mason, a man in a dress? Who is this mystery man who you speak to? Does he write, does he dance? Is he good at Sudoku? Who is the chap that sits in your phone? Can he speak French, make you laugh or listen t’your moans? […]

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Martyn was a lean man, both in appearance and with the truth. Though he was easy-going and approachable it was wise never to ask about or attempt to enter his garage. The neighbours often spoke about his penchant for DIY, and in particular his wonderful patio. It was noted that he must be a perfectionist […]

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