Martyn was a lean man, both in appearance and with the truth. Though he was easy-going and approachable it was wise never to ask about or attempt to enter his garage.

The neighbours often spoke about his penchant for DIY, and in particular his wonderful patio. It was noted that he must be a perfectionist of sorts due to the number of times he had relaid it over the last year.

Martyn’s wife was a forgiving sort, her frizzy hair a metaphor for the way she approached her life. One morning at 2am, having broken the unwritten rule of never drinking orange squash before bed, she awoke to find Martyn in the bathroom on his knees meticulously scrubbing the floors and walls.

6 responses to “Martyn”

    • Thanks Helen!

      Was just flicking through your blog – some great pieces there, looking forward to sitting down and reading more. Really like the photo inspiration stuff. Good way of coming up with a quick piece.

      • Thanks for the follow. Yeah, I’ve just got into the photo prompt stuff. I’m trying to hone my craft, so to speak, practice, practice practice, lol 🙂

  1. I always enjoy quirky little pieces like this. I love it’s so short bc I can create a whole story based on just the tid bits of pieces you’ve given away. I love a good write!

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