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Float on

When the world makes you dither, makes you cry, makes you shiver you can
Just float on.

When It feels like you are wrong, like you’re stuck and all alone you should
Just float on.

When confusion takes ahold, and you’re sick of being told you might
Just float on.

Because when you’re looking down
from the clouds to the ground
Those things wont seem so daunting and
My love will keep you soaring
And you’ll just float on.


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Paper. Thanks FiftyThree!

I’ve been creating a lot more doodles lately, and I hope I can start making a few more comic strips like the ones I did yesterday. They’ve all been created on the iPad and stitched together in an app called Strip Designer. It’s exactly what I was after. Something to create simple (and not so simple) panels of drawings or photos, add the occasional piece of text, and fiddle with frames. Lovely.

My app of choice for sketching, is Paper.

I was told about Paper by FiftyThree by a friend, many moons ago. It seemed alright, bit basic, but alright. I did like the pen tool a lot as it made my silly doodles seem… alright.

I dabbled with Paper on and off and soon the simple design of the app made me appreciate it even more. So much so that I began to use it as my go-to app for doodles over the technically superior (on the surface) Sketchbook Pro.

There’s a reason Paper was named the way it is. With no zoom, no expansive tool list and to start with, a limited colour palette, it’s clear that the developers wanted to offer you the same experience of that you get with a sheet of a4 paper, and a pen. They nail it.¬†Clearly I’m not the only one that thinks so. Paper won Apple’s App of the year award in 2012, and is continually being updated to offer more fantastic features – a lot of which seem to come from listening to the vast community of users that Paper has amassed.

Anyway, I didn’t set out to review this app. I’m not particularly good at that sort of thing. I just wanted to show my appreciation and say thanks FiftyThree. Thanks for a super app that is helping me to get more and more creative day by day!


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The fly


Ok, so I’m rather enjoying learning to use the Strip Designer app. Hopefully someone out there gets a kick out of these doodles as much as I am.

I dislike flies. They bother me. They make me irritable. I wish I had the ability to stay calm like this guy but alas I tend to flail my arms, clench my fists and gnash my teeth. Once I even moved house.

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I got wet.


A when you are running a bath, I think, I KNOW, that you should always check the mixer tap is set to run from the tap not the shower head.


Still, it gives me a chance to try out this comic making app. Yay!

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