I got wet.


A when you are running a bath, I think, I KNOW, that you should always check the mixer tap is set to run from the tap not the shower head.


Still, it gives me a chance to try out this comic making app. Yay!

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5 thoughts on “I got wet.

  1. ReaditDaddy says:

    Loving that and yes this happens to me EVERY SODDING TIME too. It would help if our shower / bath / mixer tap’s label actually meant something too!

    Love the comic making thing, is that another paper thing? I’m going to have to shell out for that aren’t I!

    • MrBinks says:

      Drawings made in Paper, comic thing is called Strip Design. Would kill for a tracing function in Paper for this though. Ended up drawing, saving, altering, saving…etc

  2. I love the little strip, and for the second time today, isn’t it funny how little misfortunes inspire nice posts?

  3. […] creating a lot more doodles lately, and I hope I can start making a few more comic strips like the ones I did yesterday. They’ve all been created on the iPad and stitched together in an app called […]

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