A Failed Handshake

A stroll, a glance, a little nod. Reciprocated from, I think, it’s Bob. A wave, a pass, a hand outstretched. A reach, a miss, oh what a mess. A head held low. Shoulders high. Don’t stop. Don’t turn. It’s not that guy.  

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No milk today

There’s no milk in the office kitchen. The tea drinkers are scratching at the walls. Some have tried adding tip-ex to their brews. Others are trying to milk each other. A wiry woman boils the kettle, empties it and boils it again. The salesman in the corner gnaws a teabag like a cowboy chews tobacco. […]

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Where’s my xmas spirit?

Where’s my Xmas spirit? I’ve looked, have you seen it? No bells, no snow, no mistletoe. No carols or singing, not even a stocking. My bones without cheer and for this time of year it just isn’t right, for when I look out at night and see the twinkle of lights and trees with their […]

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