Where’s my xmas spirit?

Where’s my Xmas spirit?

I’ve looked, have you seen it?

No bells, no snow,

no mistletoe.

No carols or singing,

not even a stocking.

My bones without cheer

and for this time of year

it just isn’t right,

for when I look out at night

and see the twinkle of lights

and trees with their tinsels

It makes me wish I will

wake up the next day

feeling merry and gay,

with mince pie in my hand

and a great marching band

playing yule tide tunes

whilst kids play with balloons.

Until then I’ll keep looking

for that magical feeling.

The wonder of christmas

and a big figgy pudding.

(Yeah, I sort of lost my way with this but you’ll let me off coz it’s almost Christmas… right?)

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