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Do it yourself

The books he was given or borrowed or bought were great at making him look smarter than he actually was. They lay around the house inviting people to judge him in a positive light yet that story was just as fictitious as the novels on the second shelf of the birch Kilby bookcase he’d purchased last week from Ikea. The same piece of flat-pack furniture that he most certainly did not “Do himself“.

If they had taken a closer look, they’d have noticed pristine pages, no creased corners, absent bookmarks, un-peeled price stickers and a lack of cracked spines. If they looked really closely they’d have even found a trilogy of novels still bound in plastic wrap.

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Read it daddy!


Today’s sketch is in support of @readitdaddy and his campaign to remind parents why it’s important (and so much fun) to read to your little ones.

For more information about the campaign, and to read some great reviews on books perfect for reading to and with your kids, head over to the Read it daddy blog.

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Read it, daddies!

As someone that likes to put words in an order that sometimes resembles a coherent sentence or rhyme, I’m certainly guilty of not reading many books. I read, I read a lot. Be it an article, a forum, blog or other online rambling but I just haven’t found the time recently to sit and read a good (or even bad) book for myself.

What I do make time for, however, is reading aloud to my son. Something I’ve done since before he knew what I was even reading about. Something I’ll continue to do until he starts to fully read books himself. And something that ReaditDaddy feels very passionate about.

Today they’ve launched their campaign to get more parents reading to their kids and the statistical findings behind the campaign are really quite sad; with a third of parents questioned admitting to never reading to their offspring.

So turn off Peppa Pig for a second. Stop them from jumping on the furniture. Open up that book that aunty bought them last christmas and just Read it, Daddy!



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