Do it yourself

The books he was given or borrowed or bought were great at making him look smarter than he actually was. They lay around the house inviting people to judge him in a positive light yet that story was just as fictitious as the novels on the second shelf of the birch Kilby bookcase he’d purchased last week from Ikea. The same piece of flat-pack furniture that he most certainly did not “Do himself“.

If they had taken a closer look, they’d have noticed pristine pages, no creased corners, absent bookmarks, un-peeled price stickers and a lack of cracked spines. If they looked really closely they’d have even found a trilogy of novels still bound in plastic wrap.

5 thoughts on “Do it yourself

  1. steviepreater says:

    This story is really great. You fit so much information into such a small amount of words! It makes me feel sad for whoever this guy is. He feels the need to impress so badly that he can’t let go and enjoy himself – whatever it might be that he actually enjoys doing.

      1. MrBinks says:

        I just realised I replied to you like an automatic replying machine when comparing my comment to that of the one above. Trust me when I say that was really not intentional; I really AM surprised when people like my stuff and I also thought it was a lovely comment.

        So yeah.

        You’ve gone now, haven’t you…

        Thought so.

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