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The storm

Henry looked nervously at the tall oak tree in the garden, the storm swirling around its branches pulling it this way and that. He wished he could bring it in, offer up a cup of tea and shelter from the savage weather.

Henry closed the curtains, climbed into bed and listened as the rain lashed at the windows and wind howled through cracks in the doors, begging to be let in.

When he awoke, somewhat cold, the noise of the storm had vanished; instead the sound of the ocean calmly washed over him, and sea salt smells filled his nostrils.



Submitted for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. See if you can write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words.

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When the seagulls follow the trawler…

Written, once again, for Friday Fictioneers, A photo prompt each week designed to tease out some imagination using 100 words.


“Stand still, Colin” squawked Barry, “this isn’t going to work if you keep flapping around!”

“gggg bbllgggghhh cccoooorrrr” gargled Colin, ushering his friend down from on high.

“ugh, what now?” sighed Barry, as he flew down from Colin’s head and hopped restlessly across the pebbles.

“I can’t see, my SSQQUAAWW throat hurts from this sodding seashell and to top it off – you stink of fish! Tell me again SSQQUUAAAWW why we can’t use the Heimlich ma….”

“ssh ssh sssshhh!!” Barry whispered, wrapping a slippery, salty wing around Colin’s beak. “We can’t say that any more or they’ll sue us”.



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When there’s a divider
as big as the sea.
When I can’t be there
please believe me,
that I’ll be right with you
holding your hand,
like the time we walked barefoot
our toes deep in the sand.

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