Balsa Wood

Balsa wood doesn’t rot Does it not? Apparently not. How much have you got? How much of what? Balsa wood (that doesn’t rot).

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The Carpet Cleaner

As the millionaire Chairman knelt on the groundthe workers around him could do nothing but frown.For the silver haired leader, an octogenarian,was restoring the carpet to a sparkling new state again. With more cash in the bank than the east side of Surreyhe scrubbed at the carpet with blood, sweat and hurry.When asked why he […]

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Watch the moon hang with me though miles and miles apart. Over sea and rock and railways forever in my heart. – Inspired, of course, by Fievel Mousekewitz.

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Oh, so you’re going to the cinema on a Friday night? Have fun. There’ll be nobbers and nutters and pie keys and clowns and all sorts of people that won’t put the phone down. A sticky floor, (hopefully from sweets) A shit tonne of adverts and that one wonky seat. Flat Pepsi cola and popcorn […]

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