The bathroom

Geoffrey stood squinting through the fog. The ground beneath him was getting softer, so he knew the river must be close by. Not being able to see his feet wasn’t new to Geoff. Being a giant meant that there was almost a mile between his toes and his smile. He fumbled through his pocket and […]

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Sometimes when the sun shines and the shadows form upon the blinds, I wonder what I’m doing here, sat at work without a beer. A coffee in my hand instead – I mean it’s nice and all but like I said – a frothy beverage with a head on top would really satisfy and not […]

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An elbow in my ear

The sun floods down my back whilst my shadow walks ahead. The day has just begun with no sadness, fear or dread. An Elbow in my ear and a goose upon my skin. A song inside my heart and a mile wide Cheshire grin.

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Big orange ball

What is that big orangey ball in the sky? I sort of remember, but I can’t think why. It’s making me squint and reach for my shades to block out the glare of those eye-blinding rays. Where’s it been hiding? Did it just not care? That the greyness of winter was having more than it’s […]

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Let’s talk about the weather

Here is my review of the weather this week in, Kent. It was sunny. It was hot. It was muggy and there was not a single cloud in the sky Though I’d not see it, coz my eye, was red from the lotion and the sweat that I’d motioned, with the backs of my hands ‘cross my profusely dripping […]

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