Yeah about that…

“Yeah sure, I’ll definitely do that tomorrow when the circumstances are just right for the thing that you want me to do.

Tomorrow. Definitely.”

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  • BBQ At Geoff’s

    Geoff’s summer cookout was always the highlight of the calendar. The community would gather for mirth, merriment, mead and the best baby back ribs anyone had ever tasted. Word inevitably got out. Every year neighbours would bring friends and whilst they were clearly having a great time enjoying Geoff’s gluttony of exotic, tender meats, they…

  • Sue’s Uphill Battle

    It wasn’t that big of a deal, not these days anyway, but Sue was convinced she faced an uphill battle.

  • The Hungry Scott

    It was the “5 a day” rule that he was struggling with.

  • That one guy

    He was that one guy. The centre of his own world, and the pivot point of all that knew him.

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