Minty lamb burger salad

I managed to begin the food challenge this week, cooking something brand new from Jamie’s Great Britain book which has been sitting tantalisingly on my shelf since Christmas, not unloved but certainly unexplored.

However, first I want to quickly scribble down the lunch that came not from a book but instead from my brainbox. Huzzah, impromptu creative cooking with leftover bits in the kitcken! I present to you, my very delicious, Minty Lamb Burger Salad.

(serves 2 and a half)

– 2 seasoned lamb burgers cooked in a pan. with a splosh of olive oil and a handful of fresh rosemarijn.
– 1 Romain lettuce, cut up into caesar salad sized pieces.
– 1 small red onion, finely choppy chopped.
– 1 manly fistful of fresh mint.
– 2 soft boiled eggs
– a smidgen of cheese shavings.

Cook the burgers according to pan directions on the packet (about 8 minutes either side) and at the same time soft boil two eggs. Chuck the lettuce, onion and mint in a bowl and toss. Add some olive oil and a chef’s pinch of sea salt (or if you’re feeling naughty the oil and juice from the burger pan).

Divide the salad between the plates and slice the burgers into strips, dividing between the plates and then add the fine cheesy shavings.

Finally place the soft boiled egg on top and slice gently in the middle so that the yummy yolk runs out all over the salad.

Serve with Ben Howard on your iPod.

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