The names used within this piece are purely fictional and any baring on myself and my gorgeous lady wife of whom I have the utmost respect, admiration and love are purely coincidental.

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My Lollipop

-This lollipop tastes funny. That’s nice dear. What lollipop? -This one. But I didn’t give you a… -I found it. Where? -Here. Where is here? -If you look at me, you’d see. You got it from the floor? -Yes. Why? -I was hungry. If you’re hungry, then you ask mummy or daddy for something. -I […]

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Chow Mein for Jermaine

Jermaine had been away from Swindon for a while. He couldn’t remember precisely when he left, but he knew it had been sometime in May. He’d had a hankering, one Wednesday night, for Chinese food and set off in search of the perfect Chow Mein. He had begun by visiting the local take-aways but soon […]

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Rob’s BBQ

Rob had often been accused of burning the candle at both ends. The truth was, Rob just liked burning things, period. His late night excursions, often disguised as business meetings, football with the boys or team away days always resulted in his hands smelling of petrol and his clothes reeking of smoke. His wife didn’t mind. […]

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A leek and a potato

I’ve been a bit slack with the whole “cooking new things from books I’ve not read thing“. It’s mainly down to a lack of time at the moment, or budget, or both. It’s certainly not from a lack of effort. Honest guv.  This week I did however manager to do something midweek which answered all […]

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