A leek and a potato

I’ve been a bit slack with the whole “cooking new things from books I’ve not read thing“. It’s mainly down to a lack of time at the moment, or budget, or both. It’s certainly not from a lack of effort. Honest guv. 

This week I did however manager to do something midweek which answered all the questions. 
Budget: Using ingredients that were leftover.
Time: Half hour
Newness: Never made it before and was found in Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

So whilst Leek and Potato soup doesn’t sound that exciting or new, it certainly ticked all the boxes for me this week. I must admit, it didn’t taste like any leek and potato soup I’d ever had before, but that wasn’t to say it tasted bad; just… different. Served up with a hunk of tiger (giraffe) bread and butter it proved to be a rather nomlicious exercise in that art of soup making and perfect for a cold, grey evening in November. 

I think there may well be something to this soup making lark. I’ll have to peruse the books and keep my eyes open for other leftovers that I can blitz into something new and dare I say it, exciting.


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