Back to college this week and with it a few more exercises.
This week we discussed memory and that frankly, it’s probably a big lying bastard and shouldn’t be trusted. Or rather… it should, it’s probably made things more interesting than they were originally.

Mixing fact with fiction is definitely a great way to move a story on, or even kick things off. Even the mundane experiences are unique to an individual and therefor new and interesting to someone else.

We were asked to use our memory. Think back and use our senses to describe a scene.

These are 5 minute pieces, unedited from class. 

First day at school

It was September. The great British summer was in full force and so there I stood, shivering and soaked to the bone in front of the school gates. The building in front of me was huge with so many entrances that without even opening a text book I was already feeling confused. Without wanting to stretch my brain too far at 8.30 I did what so many others seemed to be doing and followed the person in front of me into the sprawling maze of secondary school.


First journey

The coach had filled up pretty quickly, the noise of seat-finders escalating as bums hit faces and bags swished round in the cramped galley thumping into the early arrival’s shoulders.

I sat staring out of the window, my nose just touching the cold pane as my mum stood on the pavement frantically waving. I could see wiping her eyes on dads hanky and as I did so my throat tightened and I felt the familiar feeling of warm tears trickling down my face.

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