Tick Tock Tick

Tick – – Tick – – Tick, went the clock. Jeremy put down his pencil and took a breath. Tick – – Tick – – Tick Irritation boiled and bubbled inside him. Tick –   – Tick –   – Tick He looked around. Twenty six boys scribbled furiously, two stared at the ceiling and one appeared […]

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Back to college this week and with it a few more exercises. This week we discussed memory and that frankly, it’s probably a big lying bastard and shouldn’t be trusted. Or rather… it should, it’s probably made things more interesting than they were originally. Mixing fact with fiction is definitely a great way to move […]

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Jerry McTaggart

Maybe you’ll recognise a friend like Jerry. Someone that smiles their way through life. Someone that will always know someone else on a night out. Someone (that certainly claims) to never get a hangover, no matter what they put down their neck. Here’s hoping their luck doesn’t run out. Jerry McTaggart, age 32, was a […]

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