I am the walrus (part I)

More learning last night. It’s good to learn. It fills you up. Sometimes it feels you up, certainly if you’re a bit of a deviant and get off on that kind of thing.

We discussed P.O.V. and the effect this can have on your story, be it from a host of different characters or from a narration perspective, or both, as well as whether to choose to write from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. 2nd person?! Yeah. That’s what I thought too. Sounds interesting; more on that next week.

So here be the challenge, mateys. From a 1st person p.o.v write an account from an inanimate object in different rooms of the house.

Object 1

God I love it when she turns me on. That flicker of electricity that courses through me, the gentle buzz that emanates from the very elements of my soul. I’ve heard her talk about me. She once told her husband that I light up the entire room. I’d never been so proud. I could have shone forever and a day. Don’t get me wrong, some days are dark. I feel cold and lonely looking down at the floor. The dog’s not much company either. Never wants to play. I wonder if she knows he sits on the sofa when she’s out?

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