The ghost of you

Your silhouette awakens.
Lines as perfect as the smile before a kiss.
Tempting me, luring me from my sleep.
so peaceful.

Sitting on the edge,
the crumpled duvet your makeshift robe.
A sideways swipe to move your hair,  the gentlest touch,
a whisper.

You wear the moonlight on your skin
a lunar dress hugging your curves in a passionate embrace,
a physical connection reserved just for

Do you know that I watch you?
A statue. Scared to interrupt that perfect moment.
A photo in my mind, a memory to keep forever, framed
in my heart.

Drawn towards you, the sheets and creaky mattress betray me.
I touch your skin.
Sighs escape, and in that moment I know my heart will always belong
to you.

I wrap my arms around you, your fingers, slipping between mine.
Never letting go.
My heartbeat. Your back.
Your scent so sweet my eyes close as I breathe you in.

You raise my hands to your heart.
The softness of your body sends shivers down my spine,
I hope.
My eyes open.
I’m alone again.


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