Rob’s BBQ

Rob had often been accused of burning the candle at both ends. The truth was, Rob just liked burning things, period. His late night excursions, often disguised as business meetings, football with the boys or team away days always resulted in his hands smelling of petrol and his clothes reeking of smoke.

His wife didn’t mind.

She was happy of the time alone.

It gave her time to have a natter with friends on the phone, catch up with her soaps, marinate some meat, complete a puzzle or, like tonight, dispose of the charred bodies that just kept building up.





Submitted for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. See if you can write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words.

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30 thoughts on “Rob’s BBQ

  1. I get some pretty darn bad feeling that I would not eat hamburgers at that place…

  2. Judah First says:

    Yikes! Nice job! The only thing I would change:

    She was happy of the time alone. Might read better “for the time alone”.

  3. Oh, wow… the perfect couple, I guess. Great read…

  4. Sandra says:

    That’s the trouble with bodies, no sooner you turn round than there’s a whole heap of them needing to be moved. Nice one. (Reeking of smoke – yeah, I know – I’m picky). 😉

  5. mscwhite says:

    A wonderfully unexpected final line! Really enjoyed your story!

  6. helenmidgley says:

    Don’t you just love a couple in sync, fab 🙂

  7. Now that is the way to end stories. Casual, almost flippant and ever so powerful.

  8. Yuk!! What a well-matched couple (and I use “matched” on purpose.)


  9. This couple must be responsible for the increase of missing persons in that area. That is an extremely nasty hobbie. O_o I wonder where this couple met. I agree that they seem made for each other. Dark humor that’s well written. 🙂


  10. elappleby says:

    very funny – I laughed from ‘rob just like burning things, period.’ and didnt stop laughing 🙂

  11. This was fun! At first I thought it was a case of opposites attract. In the end it’s a story of being perfectly compatible.

  12. Dear Mr. Binks,

    Yours is the second story this week that’s compelled me to say, “The secret’s in the sauce.”

    Your title is perfect. I’ll pass on the burnt ends this time.



    • MrBinks says:

      mmmm burnt ends…

      Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting – I don’t know how you find the time to read everyone each week. I tip my hat to you!

  13. Well, they say there’s someone for everyone! Wildly suspenseful and entertaining! I don’t think I’m going to eat BBQ for a while, though…Great piece!

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