X Marks The Spot

A pirate that suffers from sea sickness, it turns out, is no pirate at all.

Captain Pigeonbeard had long since swapped the stormy seas for life in the clouds. It was fair to say, the change had been much kinder on his constitution.

His crew was initially rather miffed at the changes in circumstance. Waving a cutlass around a cockpit was frowned upon, you see. Deck swabbing and knot-tying were now quite useless trades. The guy that manned the crow’s nest had been laid off, of course. His position deemed irrelevant, now they all had a bird’s eye view.



This piece was submitted as part of Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. 1 photograph. 100 words. Sometimes over 100 people taking part.

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24 thoughts on “X Marks The Spot

  1. karin says:

    Brill thanks for making me chuckle

  2. wmqcolby says:

    That’s what happens, all right, when things change. Cute story, Binks.

  3. helenmidgley says:

    Another chucklefest 😉

  4. Brilliant Mr. Binks….simply brilliant! 🙂

  5. What a glorious take on the prompt. From pirate to – well, to what? Loved this!

  6. Horus says:

    “Pirates of the …”

    Am sure we would be seeing likes of them soon !

  7. Sandra says:

    Oh the images this conjured up… 🙂

  8. Dear Peter,

    Charming take on the prompt. I can envision this band of pirates on a plane. Clever.



  9. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Mr. Binks,

    A whimsical post-modern tale of adventure on the high seas…oh, wait…the high airways. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Well done.



  10. Peter, I can just see the title of the film, “Pirates of the Skys.” Maybe Johnny Depp will be available. I guess a layed-off pirate can always find work as there seems to still be piracy happening. They can’t put in for unemployment compensation though. Funny story and well written. 😀 —Susan

  11. Very clever and imaginative. Too bad your pirates didn’t read Stardust. 🙂

  12. Maree Gallop says:

    Ahh, loved that one. So clever and funny!

  13. storydivamg says:

    Flying so high does make those elusive X’s a lot easier to find though, doesn’t it?

    Marie Gail

  14. liz young says:

    Very funny. Clever too!

  15. I, too, see Johnny Depp carousing around once again like a drunk Keith Richards – or maybe How about Leslie Nielson from the original Airplane going toe-to-toe with Depp.

  16. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Mr. Binks – you are so perfectly clever! I love reading your stories! Thanks, Nan 😉

  17. Preeti says:

    I loved your story! Such a unique take on the photo prompt!

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