The Collector

Kevin was a collector.

It had started when he was 7. His friends had amassed an impressive stack of baseball cards and whilst Kevin wasn’t sporty, the thought of collecting excited him.

Not wanting to become a sheep, Kevin chose his own road. It was unusual to collect discarded cigarette butts, sure, but to Kevin, each held a unique story.

Perhaps it was this sort of behaviour that led to Kevin living alone (or perhaps it was the ferocious addiction to pickled onions?) but he didn’t mind. These days he prefers spending time with his collection of bottled sunshine anyway.

This piece is submitted as part of the Friday Fictioneers group writing. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you did, make sure you go read the other entries this week! Or click this link to read more of my silly stories.


46 thoughts on “The Collector

  1. storydivamg says:

    Who knew the road to hoarding was paved with cigarette butts? I guess it’s a good thing I gave up collecting unique soda cans by the time I reached high school. They’d be digging me out of my home with a backhoe by next summer, I imagine.


  2. Yolanda Renee says:

    I love my bottled sunshine to shine through all my blue glass. Yes, I collect blue glass bottles. Lovely read, and I’m sure pickled onions will help make you a loner, unless you find someone who loves them as much as you! 🙂

  3. gahlearner says:

    Bottled sunshine, what a great idea. I love how Kevin goes his own way and doesn’t follow what everyone else does. The subtle humour is wonderful.

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