Diet Plans

As the office left for a pub lunch, Rachel opened the folder entitled Diet Plans. Inside were 4 separate spreadsheets. Each one was labelled “NEW Diet Plan” followed by one of the following words: Maternity Bikini Christmas Cheese She positioned the mouse cursor over the word Bikini and double clicked. The hard drive of the […]

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No Smoking

There had been no smoking in Workshop for about 30 years now. No alcohol, no music, no dancing, no sexual activity of any kind and bizarrely no Swiss cheese fondue. Those that would dare to flounce the laws tended to go a bit missing shortly thereafter. To suggest that people had objected to these strange […]

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It’s good to see that the surreal is alive and well in the child that sits in the back seat of my car. When told from the front to the back that in fact this child of mine smelled of cheese, he slapped his thigh and laughed with a sigh and declared that in fact […]

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There will be cereal

I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating a hell of a lot more junk food lately. Now I’m not saying that’s your fault, but it certainly needs to be addressed. I need to be disciplined. Action needs taking against the consumption of white bread, of crisps and of cheese. You know you’re in trouble when you […]

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