Just the facts

“You can’t see them anymore because over the years they’ve mostly eroded away – like that one with the nose. There were lots more of them when I was a kid.” “David!” The way she said his name was as short and sharp as the elbow that followed. David ignored her. The kids, it seemed, […]

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My Lollipop

-This lollipop tastes funny. That’s nice dear. What lollipop? -This one. But I didn’t give you a… -I found it. Where? -Here. Where is here? -If you look at me, you’d see. You got it from the floor? -Yes. Why? -I was hungry. If you’re hungry, then you ask mummy or daddy for something. -I […]

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The Plank

“Walk the plank!” Captain Billy ordered, his sword swooshing menacingly above his head. I looked out at the wooden walkway of doom and gulped as seagulls and vultures circled and crowed above. The sea salt filled my nostrils and I began to feel sick. “b.b.but…” I stammered, one foot tentatively examining the boards. “But nothing, […]

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Today had been such a good day. The big English breakfast with sausages, bacon, eggs and beans followed by a walk amongst the gigantic looming pine trees. A trip to the park – the one with the slide that almost reaches the sky – and ice cream with sweet, sticky strawberry sauce and sprinkles all […]

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