The wooly tale of Dennis Snugtop

Dennis Snugtop wore the snazziest knitwear known to man. He was never happier than when the days grew shorter and the air turned colder. Whether he was sporting a cardigan, tank top, sweater or scarf, Dennis could be spotted a mile off. “There goes Dennis,” people would say to other people that were unfamiliar with […]

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Handle With Care

“This is genius,” thought Arthur. “Nobody is ever going to find me in here. I am quite literally the best at hiding.” Minutes passed. Arthur reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of chewing grass. Arthur chewed. Hours passed. “Ppfftt,” he said out loud. Another hour passed. “The thing about hiding,” he mused, […]

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Inbox (1)

The email landed in his inbox. He’d been staring at the empty screen for a while now even though, really, he hadn’t been expecting anything to arrive, yet there it was. He sat and stared, not daring to click it. He knew he shouldn’t have sent a mail in the first place. He knew it […]

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