The wooly tale of Dennis Snugtop

Dennis Snugtop wore the snazziest knitwear known to man. He was never happier than when the days grew shorter and the air turned colder. Whether he was sporting a cardigan, tank top, sweater or scarf, Dennis could be spotted a mile off.

“There goes Dennis,” people would say to other people that were unfamiliar with persons dressed in bright coloured winter wool all year long. During December, January and February his fashion sense made everybody smile.

In June 2012, Dennis Snugtop was suspicious by his absence. He was later found dead, having drowned in a pool of his own sweat.

Thank you to everyone that commented last week, sending well wishes. They were most appreciated and apologies that I didn’t get to thank you all individually. I’ll do that next – and hopefully make time to come read all your stories that I missed due to job hunting!

This piece is submitted as part of the wonderful Friday Fictioneers. You can find all the information you need at Rochelle’s blog, where you’ll also find 100 new stories from other talented writers every week.


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20 thoughts on “The wooly tale of Dennis Snugtop

  1. micklively says:

    Very funny. This song sprang to mind:

  2. It is scary how similar your two stories are. And both are so well written. What can I say, poor Dennis.

  3. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Funny story! Not for Dennis of course. 🙂

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  4. ceayr says:

    Very entertaining.

  5. Reminds me of Brown Paper Pete who wore an outfit entirely made of paper bags. The hanged him for rustlin’.

  6. Dear Peter,

    Dennis was definitely a slave to fashion. Cute story. Clever and entertaining.



  7. Lynda says:

    This one has that certain “EW!” factor at the end. Funny and well written, Peter.

  8. Sandra says:

    You know, some people get a look that they like and they just do it to death. Nice take on the prompt.

  9. Gives a whole new meaning to “Killer Fashion”. lol

  10. Oh gawd! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Good one!

  11. They don’t call ’em sweaters for nothin’! 😉

  12. This is a hoot! It has great rhythm and who could resist someone with the last name of Snugtop? Kudos

  13. Poor Dennis. Death by sweater(ing).

  14. adamjasonp says:

    Suspicious by his own absence? Is Dennis a snowman? Hmm…

  15. gahlearner says:

    Hehe, poor Dennis. Very funny story, and the comments crack me up, too.

  16. SarCou says:

    fantastic story – love it!

  17. I like that ending!!

  18. Margaret says:

    Dennis had a distinctive dress sense, it seems. Fun story, but sad for poor Dennis, who probably went a bit overboard.

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