Thumbs as fit as fiddles

I long to play some football, my circle isn’t interested in that sort of thing and the extended ring to which I once belonged is now a fading memory; my waistline, in contrast, is an ever expanding reality. My thumbs are as fit as fiddles – if fiddle thumbs were a thing, they’d be challenging […]

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An Ode to the Argos

Keith didn’t have a happy night through connection drops and crying, yet through it all he kept his cool jogged on and kept on trying.   With through balls here and crosses there his passes were quite inspiring. Then The Egg would hatch a cunning plan and scream, “I’m here, ARRIVING!”   Choppy liked to smash […]

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Almost 6 months on from release and I caved. I’d done so well to avoid the gadget lust. Convincing myself that I didn’t need another shiny thing. That I didn’t need another prop to occupy my time. Time, lately, evades me and if anything I need more of the stuff than things to fill it. […]

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