An Ode to the Argos

Keith didn’t have a happy night

through connection drops and crying,

yet through it all he kept his cool

jogged on and kept on trying.


With through balls here and crosses there

his passes were quite inspiring.

Then The Egg would hatch a cunning plan

and scream, “I’m here, ARRIVING!”


Choppy liked to smash them hard,

he’d run ’till his hammies bled.

Though when the clock struck 10 past 10

It was always time for bed.


The Panda hails from Wales you know

he brings them all, each night

and when he assists, or scores or miss

they scream with all their might.


And then there’s Tubbalardo who,

went missing in January.

Some say he stands alone in ponds

Looking turkish and very hairy.


The gaffer runs through the middle,

and sometimes down the wing.

He’ll hold it up, then spray it ’round,

every Monday inside Your Ring.

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