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The wooly tale of Dennis Snugtop

Dennis Snugtop wore the snazziest knitwear known to man. He was never happier than when the days grew shorter and the air turned colder. Whether he was sporting a cardigan, tank top, sweater or scarf, Dennis could be spotted a mile off.

“There goes Dennis,” people would say to other people that were unfamiliar with persons dressed in bright coloured winter wool all year long. During December, January and February his fashion sense made everybody smile.

In June 2012, Dennis Snugtop was suspicious by his absence. He was later found dead, having drowned in a pool of his own sweat.

Thank you to everyone that commented last week, sending well wishes. They were most appreciated and apologies that I didn’t get to thank you all individually. I’ll do that next – and hopefully make time to come read all your stories that I missed due to job hunting!

This piece is submitted as part of the wonderful Friday Fictioneers. You can find all the information you need at Rochelle’s blog, where you’ll also find 100 new stories from other talented writers every week.


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Gerald peered through fuzzy eyes. His head was pounding, and he had no idea who had taken his shoes. As last nights of freedom go, this had clearly been a belter.

He stood up, rubbed his peepers and took stock of his surroundings. He was definitely on a mountain. How the bloody-buggery-bollocks had he ended up at the top of a mountain?

Gerald’s tummy gently rumbled. He held it, remembering the kebab from a few hours ago. His tummy rumbled again; except this time, louder. Longer. Deeper.

It was only now that Gerald realised just how warm his feet were.


Submitted for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. See if you can write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words.

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Let’s talk about the weather

Here is my review of the weather this week in, Kent.

It was sunny.
It was hot.
It was muggy and there was not
a single cloud in the sky
Though I’d not see it,
coz my eye,
was red from the lotion
and the sweat that I’d motioned,
with the backs of my hands
‘cross my profusely dripping glands. 

Way too hot for a big man with a beard.
Bring back the sort of weather that allows for touching, holding and snuggling. None of this sweaty, lethargic, getting-bitten-by-moskitos-coz-the-windows-and-doors-are-always-open nonsense.

I give this weather, 6/10



*Score upped by 4 points due to summer clothing normally being more interesting than winter clobber.

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