The wooly tale of Dennis Snugtop

Dennis Snugtop wore the snazziest knitwear known to man. He was never happier than when the days grew shorter and the air turned colder. Whether he was sporting a cardigan, tank top, sweater or scarf, Dennis could be spotted a mile off. “There goes Dennis,” people would say to other people that were unfamiliar with […]

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Gerald peered through fuzzy eyes. His head was pounding, and he had no idea who had taken his shoes. As last nights of freedom go, this had clearly been a belter. He stood up, rubbed his peepers and took stock of his surroundings. He was definitely on a mountain. How the bloody-buggery-bollocks had he ended […]

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Let’s talk about the weather

Here is my review of the weather this week in, Kent. It was sunny. It was hot. It was muggy and there was not a single cloud in the sky Though I’d not see it, coz my eye, was red from the lotion and the sweat that I’d motioned, with the backs of my hands ‘cross my profusely dripping […]

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