Mavis Pops To The Shops

Mavis peered through the gap in the curtains. The storm hung in the air, threatening to unleash its rage in a flurry of rain, hail, thunder and lightning. It‘d been like that for a while. Mavis released the curtain. The deep red drapes tumbled closed and the room was once again plunged into darkness. She […]

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The storm

Henry looked nervously at the tall oak tree in the garden, the storm swirling around its branches pulling it this way and that. He wished he could bring it in, offer up a cup of tea and shelter from the savage weather. Henry closed the curtains, climbed into bed and listened as the rain lashed […]

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I’d spent the last few weeks staring at the BBQ; the lid of which was still very much closed. The sun had been out but the desire to stand next to a flaming pit of coals whilst being incinerated by the fiery heart of our galaxy hadn’t really set me alight. I’d began to assess […]

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