Inspired food shenanigans

Life has a funny way of creeping up on you.

Yesterday I felt my age. Actually that’s not true; what I actually felt was my back when I lifted a table down the stairs and into my car. Gone are the days whence I could lift bulky objects with gay abandon here there and everywhere without a care in the world. From here on in it’s all about lavender-scented baths and slippers without cartoon characters adorning the tops.

Still, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today, I’m just having a bit of a moan because you know what, I’m old enough to do that too. So yes, onwards to the point of this entry. Food and inspiration.

I was looking at MeYouCoffee the other morning trying to force a post and that, my friends, is not what I was wishing for when I opened this blog. So instead I opened up the Reader and caught up on some posts I follow and have more than likely missed. This one from Silvs caught my eye, and in particular the words “recipe books gathering dust in the corner“.

Those words instantly made me think about my own collection of books sitting on the kitchen counter, 2 of which I know I’ve never even used to cook. This is shocking behaviour and needs fixing, and herein lies my inspired challenge.

Starting from this weekend I shall cook at least 2 recipes I’ve never tried from each of my books every week.  I’d like to say “one new recipe a day for a month” because frankly that sounds awesome, but I know how daunting (not to mention, expensive) a task that would be, so for now let’s stick with 2 a week.

I shall of course be keeping you up to date with the chosen recipe, the book from where it came and the result.


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