I am the walrus (part the 2nd)

…and it wasn’t just one inanimate object we had to write about, oh no. We were under pressure baby! in 15 minutes we had to come up with 4. Time is fleeting, so by the time I’d cranked my brain into gear after around 6 minutes of dusting off I managed 2 and a half pieces. Here’s the second one. It made me smile and  the group chortle, squirm and go “ooooh rude words!”


My life isn’t exactly what you’d call glamorous. Hell it’s not even good. Not like that bathroom cabinet, getting cleaned every other day and handled like it’s made of glass.

No, my life is literally full of shit. They come, they sit, they shit. On the good days, I’m lucky enough to get a bit of a scrub, on the really good days the fresh fragrant smell of pine. The bad days are something else altogether.

They don’t even flush. Dirty assholes.

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